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Search Tips
General Tips

Be specific to find results more quickly (e.g. 3mm Dormer Twist jobber drill), or start broad and use the refinement options described below

Search for metric sizes without spaces (e.g. 6mm vs 6 mm)

Starting Your Search

There are multiple ways to search, so enter your search term or phrase in the search field, choose from one of the following options, and click "Go."

  • Keywords - Use this to quickly find the products you need shown with real-time pricing and availability. There are a variety of dynamic navigation options in the "Refine By" navigation zone to guide you to the products you want. More on that below.
  • Part Number - Enter the MSC or Manufacturer part number you want to find. Customer part numbers can be searched after login for users with customer numbers loaded onto our system.
  • Go to Catalogue Page - Enter a page number from our current catalogue to go directly to the Virtual Catalogue page.
  • Browse Catalogue - Choose a product group from this drop-down menu and you will be shown all the categories and manufacturers for that product group.

"Refine By" Navigation Zone

  • Guided navigation - Options for you to refine your search are shown on the left hand side of the search results page. (e.g. There are 1830 matches to Hertel in the below example). The top eight results by number of matches are shown in alphanumeric order. Click the "More " link to view additional matches.

  • "View Additional Refinements" - This option is shown when there are more than eight different types of refinement options. Click this link to view a complete list of the refinement categories available.

Additional Refinements

  • Breadcrumbs - This area at the top of the page shows your search trail and makes it easy to modify your search. Click the X to remove a word/phrase from your search in any order.

    In the above example, click the X after "6mm End Mill" to remove that phrase from your search and resubmit your search to view products in the "End Mills-High Speed Steel" classification of the "Rotary Cutting Tools" category. Alternately, if you want to keep "6mm End Mill" and "Rotary Cutting Tools" in your search, but don't want "End Mills-High Speed Steel", then click the "Rotary Cutting Tools" hyperlink to view all the matches to "6mm End Mill" in the "Rotary Cutting Tools" Category.
  • Search Within Results - Check the "Within Results" box to add more detail to your current search. For example, if you first type "end mill" and then want to specify 6mm, instead of retyping "6mm end mill" you can type "6mm", click "within results", and your search will be resubmitted as "end mill 6mm".
  • Sort - Your search is initially sorted by relevance, then you can sort by Price, Manufacturer Name or MSC part number.
  • Compare Similar Products - The compare button will be shown whenever you have similar products (e.g. You can compare a jobber drill to another jobber drill, but can't compare a jobber drill to an end mill). You can compare up to five items at once, as long as the items are all on the same results page.

Results Display

  • View Images - A thumbnail product image is shown, and clicking the thumbnail will take you to the product detail page. Use "Click to enlarge" to view a larger image, and then click the image to make it go away.
  • View Page - Items in our catalogue can be viewed on the catalogue page after you click this link.
  • MSDS Sheets - Click the "View MSDS" link to pull up a PDF of the MSDS sheet, when applicable.
  • Shipping Restriction - Click the icon to view shipping restrictions, when applicable.
  • Quantity Based Pricing - Click the icon to view quantity based price breaks, when applicable

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