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MSC is the leading provider of metalworking supplies in the UK. Our extensive range of over 120,000 products including metalworking, MRO and PPE is everything you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Partner with us and enjoy the benefits of our inventory management services, which include vendor-managed inventory, on-site support, and automated replenishment.

Our team of experienced engineers can also provide you with technical support and customised solutions to improve your operations.

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Increase efficiency, manage your supply chain and gain full control and visibility of your tooling, PPE and other fast-moving consumables with MSC's bespoke, on-site vending machines.

Our free digital tools help you streamline your procurement, control costs and manage inventory. Find out how MSC can improve your profitability and processes.  

If you'd like us to quote a special item that's not available on our website, this is the place to do it. We can usually provide a quote within four hours or less during normal business hours.

Our team of MSC specialists conducts a thorough analysis of every aspect of your business, including the indirect supply chain and CNC operations to provide you with valuable insights and savings.