Working For Us

At MSC, we want you to have the opportunity to be successful and challenge the expectations you have for your employer.

To build a successful business, we believe we have to first and foremost, care about and look after our people; Our People are our strength and our difference.

The journey to the best version of you starts with us. If you’re searching for an employer that will enable you to learn, grow and make a difference, you’ve found it.

Our people-centric culture will encourage you to continuously develop professionally and personally.

We have ambitious growth plans and that means we need more brilliant people who share our ambition, to join the next (and most exciting) stage of our journey.

We Learn. We Grow. We Succeed.

Our culture

Our people are at the heart of everything we do which is why we aim to create a culture that is inclusive and welcoming. We strongly believe that by providing an environment where our people can excel and express their true selves, we will achieve positive outcomes for our company, customers, industry, and future.

We actively encourage our people to think creatively, challenge the norm, make decisions, and strive for excellence. We will help you feel empowered; able to make a significant impact on our overall success and be the best you can be.

In 2021, we were proud to be given a three-star accreditation from ‘Best Companies’ for our employee engagement, highlighting our status as a ‘World-Class’ organisation to work for. This achievement recognises the investments that we have made in creating the highest standard possible for workplace engagement.  
‘Best Companies’ are an unbiased, independent organisation known for setting the standards for workplace engagement. As a nationally recognised and respected scheme, they base their accreditation on a score that comes directly from our people; what they feel and what they think about MSC.

We know our customers need a supplier that cares about providing the best service possible. So, we are committed to creating an environment where our people can excel and be themselves. This is not only essential to employee engagement but is reflected in their hard work and dedication every day.  

What people say

There’s a lot to consider when you’re looking for a new job, including the benefits, the opportunities to develop your career and if the company seems like a good fit for you. But that can be hard to judge, even after applying and interviewing.  
That’s why we asked our people what it’s actually like to work for us. Here’s what they had to say…  




Why work for us

We are dedicated to providing a supportive and inclusive work environment where employees are encouraged to thrive and develop their skills. We believe in investing in our people and empowering them to achieve their professional goals.

What we look for

To achieve our growth plans we need talented and driven people with attributes that can help us get there. Together, we will build a dynamic and innovative team that is committed to excellence and dedicated to achiveing our ambitious goals.

Building your career with us

We strive to support your career growth from the moment you join us. We firmly believe that our people are the building blocks of our business and we are dedicated to providing them with the resources they need to succeed at every step of their careers.