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The Fundamentals of Coated Quick Change Discs

The Fundamentals of Coated Quick Change Discs


No tools are needed for this twist-on and off fastening system which allows for a rapid disc change and maximises productivity by minimising downtime. For general purposes, levelling and finishing operations and specialised grinding, deburring and blending. Best tool for stock removal on most types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, composites and fibreglass.


Ceramic Alumina: This is used in applications where the longest-lasting, coolest cutting abrasive is required. Ceramic is an ideal choice for demanding applications on exotic materials.

Zirconia Alumina: A sharp and long-lasting material that works well on a wide variety of heavy grinding operations. Zirconia Alumina is sometimes constructed on a heavy, durable backing with a grinding aid (a sizing coat with an adhesive that maintains the position of the actual abrasive grain coating) for cooler cutting.

Aluminium Oxide: Best used for economical, general-purpose deburring and blending on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. A grinding aid is sometimes added to the sandpaper during the manufacturing process for cooler cutting on harder-to-grind exotic alloys.

Silicon Carbide: Sharp abrasive grain provides high initial cut and penetration for work on non-ferrous materials.


Quick Change Discs come in a choice of three safe, easy-to-use attachment types:
Type R: Features a roll-on/roll-off style fastener (External Thread) (Equivalent to Norton’s TR, Merit Type III or 3M’s Roloc fastening systems)
Type S: Features a turn-on/turn-off style fastener (1/4-1/2 turn to lock in place) (Equivalent to Norton’s TS Speed-Loc™, Merit Type II, 3M’s S and SM fastening system)
Type P: Is a snap-on/snap-off system (Equivalent to Merits Type I or 3M’s TP fastening system)


Back-up pads are available in all three attachment types and are typically attached to tools using a 1/4" straight shank.


Quick change discs are primarily used with right angle grinders.
These grinders are typically air powered, but can also be portable electric grinders.


Improper use of any abrasive product could result in serious injury or possible death. Please refer to and comply with ANSI B7.7 safety standards before using any abrasive product. All users should use appropriate personal protective equipment including safety glasses, face shields, gloves, aprons, hearing protection and dust protection. Use wheel guards as supplied by the tool manufacturer. Never exceed the maximum speed rating of the backup pad and disc.

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